Disposable E-cigarettes VS E-cigarette Starter Kits

Jun 16 2014

Congratulations on trying to discover a healthier way to live with the help of electronic cigarettes. You will be joining many others who have decided that they want the nicotine but not the unhealthy aspects of smoking the more natural cigarettes. Now that you have decided to give it a try though, you may be a little confused by what types of e-cigs are available. There are disposable electronic cigarettes and rechargeable starter kits. You may be questioning whether there are better over one type or are they equal? The truth is that each has both good and bad. When deciding which one you want to choose the battle between disposable e-cigarettes vs. e-cigarette starter kits will depend mostly upon your personal preferences. According to Josh Flores of Quit Smoking Community, the best electronic cigarette is the one that helps you quit smoking. WebMD appears to agree to this as well. 
What is Each Type?

The biggest difference between the two types is quite obvious. Disposable e-cigarettes are just that, you purchase them, use them until the nicotine juice or the battery runs out and then you discard them. This type is often found alongside the traditional cigarettes in most gas stations. Many people feel that if you have never attempted to use an electronic cigarette before that this “sample” is a good choice. However, that should be determined by you as well as your commitment to using them.The starter kits will include a variety of things depending on the one that you get. They come with chargers, extra batteries, cartridges, nicotine juice, and more. They are more expensive in some cases but you will not have to purchase as often which is a huge benefit to most.

Pros and Cons Of Disposable E-Cigarettes

The main thing that is bad about disposable is that over time and if you are a heavy user, it will not take you long to realize it is expensive. There are also not very many flavor choices available. The other downsides include things like the battery life may not be what you expect and each time the battery dies you will have to throw it away and purchase another.However, for many users the convenience is well worth the price of smoking a disposable electronic cigarette. They are much easier to locate because you can purchase them virtually anywhere that cigarettes are sold. They are also easy to use. Simply open the package and start enjoying the flavor. There are no cartridges to change out, no batteries to swap, etc.

Pros and Cons of E-Cig Starter Kits

The initial starter kits price is a very big deal for many. New users have a hard time swallowing the price for something that they are unsure they will enjoy. There is also the risk of purchasing a kit that is not of a good quality and then you are stuck with a product that may not work for you because either the battery life is too short or the refill cartridges do not last long enough. It can also be annoying to learn how to change out cartridges and batteries.On the other hand, e-cig starter kits offer a variety of different flavors and other ways to personalize your smokeless cigarette. Starter kits are more eco friendly as well, since you don’t have to throw away the entire set every time you finish the nicotine in it or run out of battery. Most of the time, starter kits hold battery life better than disposable e-Cigarettes.
As you can see, when deciding which one is best in a competition between disposable e-cigarettes vs. e-cig starter kits, the best is dependent on the individual and their life style.

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Learn more about electronic cigarettes

May 23 2014

Electronic cigarettes, which are also known as e cigarettes, e cigarettes or vapor cigarettes, is now the most popular product on the market to assist individuals in the United States quit cigarette smoking. E cigarettes don’t include any harmful chemicals and are a wonderful item to make use of if you’re looking to quit smoking.
The Electronic cigarette consists of a nicotine cartridge consisting of liquefied nicotine. When you breathe in on the cigarette, a light activates and the high temperature inside of the e cigarette transforms the liquefied nicotine into vapor, which you inhale.

the best electronic cigarette
Most of the major brand names have many various dimensions for the component of the e cigarette that consists of nicotine. For people who wish to quit smoking, they could slowly lower the nicotine in their cartridge and ultimately eliminate their reliance on nicotine. There are many sites out there that help you find the best electronic cigarette like Katherine Heigl Electronic Cigarettes, or you can continue your research on Wikipedia.
The great point regarding electronic cigarettes is that it provides the feeling of smoking cigarettes makings it a lot easier to shift to from smoking a tobacco cigarette. This is why it’s a lot far better compared to quitting cigarette smoking utilizing areas or periodontal. The e cigarette will certainly aid the user really feel like they are cigarette smoking, also down to the smoke or vapor that shows up. Another great perk is that smoking cigarettes vapor cigarettes is much less expensive than smoking cigarettes normal cigarettes.

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